PXG 0311 3X Forged Wedge

Forged Wedges

PXG 0311 3X Forged Wedges

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Forged to Perfection

With a flawless body design, PXG 0311 Forged Wedges offer beauty and brains. Innovative technologies like Full Face Grooves and High Toe Weighting, work in tandem with a versatile sole design to perform a variety of shots from virtually any turf condition.

Sole Design

Available in one sole design, these wedges are engineered to offer tremendous versatility and forgiveness.


Available in Chrome or Xtreme Dark.

Technology That Performs

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Loft Length (inches) (inches) Lie Bounce Offset (inches)
50° 35.5" 64° 12° 0.050"
52° 35.5" 64° 12° 0.045"
54° 35.25" 64° 12° 0.040"
56° 35.25" 64° 12° 0.035"
58° 35" 64° 0.030"
60° 35" 64° 0.025"
62° 35" 64° 0.020"
Stars and Stripes Finish

Stars & Stripes 0311 3X Forged Wedges

PXG Founder and CEO Bob Parsons attributes his success in life and business to his service as a United States Marine during the Vietnam War. Parsons’ military roots are a cornerstone of the PXG brand – from PXG’s club numbering system and Darkness insignia to its PXG for Heroes Program and philanthropic partnerships with organizations like Team Rubicon and Semper Fi & America’s Fund.

New, special-edition Stars & Stripes 0311 3X Forged Wedges are yet another example of PXG’s commitment to powerful performance and unwavering patriotism. The striking, laser-etched pattern against PXG’s Xtreme Dark finish boldly celebrates the American spirit and PXG’s esprit de corps.

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Performance Benefits

Performance Benefits

  • Versatile Design
  • Tight Dispersion
  • Full-Face Consistency
  • Excellent Forgiveness
  • Optimal Spin
  • Incredible Sound & Feel


Performance is our only measure of success. That’s why the nitty-gritty details matter – so your clubs feel like a hand-tailored Italian suit. On the off chance you discover that your club specs could use a little tweak, don’t sweat it. PXG always backs your play. As our performance promise, we offer a complimentary spec check at our retail locations and fitting studios within 1 year of club receipt. If you need us, give Player Support a call at 844.PLAY.PXG to get on the books.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you’d like expert assistance over the phone to "dial in" your PXG equipment, please call our PXG Fitting Experts at 1.844.PLAY.PXG.

Our team is available Monday – Sunday, 5AM – 10PM MST. PXG clubs are sold with a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee! (Excludes shipping and 10% restocking fee.)

0311 3X Forged Wedge