PXG 0317 X Proto Hybrid

PXG 0317 X Proto Hybrids

The Science of Sexy

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Next Level Performance

Just like our 0811 Proto Drivers, our PXG 0317 X Proto Hybrids are so good we couldn’t wait to release them. They feature a hybrid crown construction, high-speed stainless steel face, low profile sole design, Honeycomb TPE Insert, and 3 adjustable weight ports for fine-tuning and optimal performance. With a new head shape and larger face, the Proto Hybrids are fast and forgiving from any lie.

Precision Weighting Technology

Three weight ports in the sole that can easily be adjusted to influence head weight, spin, and trajectory.

Adjustable Hosel

Adjustable hosel can change the loft 1½ degrees to optimize the trajectory.

Low Profile Sole Design

Promotes exceptional turf interaction and creates a lower CG to help get the ball in the air from any lie.

Technology that Performs

Fitting Options

Precision Weighting Technology keeps club head mass distributed through a series of weights. The 0341 X Proto Fairway Woods present one heavy and two light sole weights that are interchangeable to support preferred spin and bias settings. Heavy weights are available in 5, 7.5, 10, 15 (standard), 17.5, and 20 gram options.

PXG 0317 X Proto Hybrids Specs

Club Lie Length (Inches) Head Mass (grams)
17 58° 40¾ 230 grams
19 58.5° 40¼ 235 grams
22 59° 39¾ 240 grams
25 59.5° 39¼ 245 grams
28 60° 38¾ 250 grams
PXG 0317 X Proto Hybrid

Performance Benefits

  • Fast Ball Speeds
  • Outsanding Distance
  • Very Forgiving
  • Outsanding Feel and Sound
  • Excellent Adjustability


Performance is our only measure of success. That’s why the nitty-gritty details matter – so your clubs feel like a hand-tailored Italian suit. On the off chance you discover that your club specs could use a little tweak, don’t sweat it. Parsons Xtreme Golf always backs your play. As our performance promise, we offer a complimentary spec check at our retail locations and fitting studios within 1 year of club receipt. If you need us, give Sales & Support a call at 1.844.PLAY.PXG to get on the books.