More Distance.

More Forgiveness.

More Fun.

0211, 0311 Gen5, and Gen6 golf drivers

0311 GEN6 / Priced from $49999 Per Club

Gen6 Drivers

Say hello to new PXG GEN6 Drivers! Easy to hit, blazing fast, and beyond forgiving, they’ll help you hit it long and right down the middle. The PXG 0311 GEN6 Drivers feature our most advanced technologies, highest-quality materials, and the most versatile adjustable weighting system in the industry. GEN6 Drivers are available in two head shapes optimized for different player preferences.

0311 GEN5 / Priced from $28999 Per Club

GEN5 Drivers are available in two distinct head shapes – 0311 and 0311 XF. Engineered for insane distance, tight dispersion, and an unbelievable feel, GEN5 Drivers are pure. They present a clean aesthetic, explosive sound, and game-changing technology. Excellence has a new enemy.

Gen5 Drivers

0211 / Priced from $19999 Per Club

0211 Drivers

Approachable and advanced, the PXG 0211 Driver is a performance enhancing powerhouse that makes it easy to take your game farther off the tee. Using high-quality materials and advanced technologies, the PXG 0211 Driver delivers more distance, improved accuracy and added forgiveness at a shockingly sweet price.


High handicappers typically need a driver with more forgiveness. A custom-fit PXG GEN6 0311 XF driver is an excellent choice for high handicappers. The combination of a massive sweet spot, increased distance, and the ability to modify the perimeter weights in the driver makes for one of the best drivers for high handicappers.
The cost of a driver varies among brands. PXG drivers are typically a few hundred dollars, sometimes less, plus a small fee for your custom golf club fitting, resulting in the ability to change your game forever. There are no other drivers quite like our PXG GEN6 or 0211 Drivers. Ka-Boom Baby!