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PXG Celebrates Womens Golf Month

PXG believes we need more women in the game! That’s why, all of June, we have events and promotions planned that celebrate women in golf and encourage more inclusivity in the sport we all love and respect. And right now, we’re taking

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PXG Women's Day to Play 2023

June 1 – 30th: WATCH! PXG PRO TIPS with Rob Riggle: LPGA Edition. Episodes dropping throughout the month of June. 

June 5th: ENGAGE! PXG’s Women’s Day to Play – Every woman in the company, regardless of role or location, is being given a paid day off to engage in a golf related activity as part of Women’s Golf Month. Check our PXG social feeds as we celebrate on course!

June 7th: WATCH! Women’s Golf Panel – led by President and Executive Creative Director of PXG Apparel, Renee Parsons. Featuring by special guests including LPGA Pro Christina Kim.

June 8th: SHOP! PXG Apparel Summer Edit – 11 new cool and confidence inspiring men’s and women’s styles launch

June 19th: WATCH AGAIN! Playing Around with Rob Riggle! Rob meets two of our #PXGTroops, Wanda French-Brown and Renée Brinkerhoff and discovers what drives these incredible women on and off the golf course.

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Why should you get custom fitted for PXG golf clubs?

It’s game-changing.




Schedule your fitting here or call us at 1.844.PLAY.PXG and we’ll walk you though the process. And remember, for the month of June, you get 90% OFF your fitting fee when you use promo code WOMENS90!

Or, if you already know what you need, shop our clubs online.


Uncensored! PXG Women's Day to Play Conversation

WATCH this lively panel discussion moderated by MyGolfSpy editor, Bennett Green featuring Renee Parsons, Becky Robinson, Comedian, Writer, and Entrepreneur, and Christina Kim, PXG LPGA Tour Professional. The group discussed golf as a metaphor for life and business: breaking down gender barriers, imposter syndrome, and nurturing a supportive and diverse golfing community.

WARNING: The content contained in the video is poignant, side-splittingly funny, and occasionally explicit.

Unlocking the Secret to Lower Scores

Looking for quick tips that could help you improve your game even more? We got you! Actor, comedian, and golf nut Rob Riggle uncovers simple golf secrets from PXG’s LPGA Pros.


Rob teams up with PXG’s top LPGA talent to get their expert swing tips and advice. From the fundamentals to the finer points of the game, our PXG LPGA pros share the insights needed to enjoy better golf.


Austin Ernst delivers some quick warm-up techniques and shows Rob how to get more distance with his PXG Driver.


Céline Boutier walks you through her swing thoughts to achieve better tempo while Yu Sang Hou highlights her pre-round, driving range routine 


Gerina Mendoza helps Rob with his distance control and Christina Kim gives Rob the lowdown on how to hit Fairway Woods.


LPGA Rookie, Elinor Sudow takes Rob through her swing philosophy and the benefits of using a blended irons set.


Gina Kim explains the benefits of getting fitted for your driver and shows Rob how to control tempo with the big stick.


Jennifer Song teaches Rob how to gain more spin with wedges around the green, and schools him on the importance of a proper grip.

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PXG Women's Day to Play 2023

Happy Women's Golf Month!

In June, we honor the incredible journey of women in a sport and industry that has long been dominated by men. As a passionate golfer and President & Executive Creative Director of PXG Apparel, I feel a deep connection to this month of recognition and female empowerment.


While golf has made significant strides towards inclusivity, it remains male-dominated. Women’s participation and representation in golf is crucial for its continued growth and evolution. Women bring a unique perspective, grace, and skill to the game, adding diversity and vibrancy to every tee box.


Women’s Golf Month serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of encouraging more women to step onto the course. By providing opportunities for women of all ages and skill levels to engage in the sport, we can foster an environment of empowerment, inspiration, and equal opportunity. It is our collective responsibility to encourage and support more women to embrace the game, break down barriers, and pave the way for a more inclusive future on the fairways. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or new to the sport, let’s empower one another on (and off!) the course.

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Renee Parsons

Pres. & ECD of PXG Apparel